Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tip: Glamour NL

Hai lovely readers!
Are you all enjoying your sunday-morning breakfast?
I love sundays, it's the day on which I can really take it easy,
even if you have work to do, everything goes just a tiny bit slower.

I have a little shopping tip for the Dutch readers,
this month's Glamour magazine is 'the allerdikste nummer ooit'.
Apparently, they are celebrating their 5th birthday this year and therefore,
you get 500 pages full of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
Apart from that you also get a Chanel Inimitable trial-size mascara and a little notebook. And all of this for 4EUR, pretty nice, isn't it?

Usually I'm not a big fan of Glamour since there is never much to actually read, but with all these extras I really couldn't resist!
- Have fun with it and enjoy your sunday!

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