Saturday, November 19, 2011

Michael Kors - Purse Favorites

Yesterday I browsed through Michael Kors' American webshop, and I was simply stunned,
the designs are so sleek and chic, it immediately hit my nerve,
if you have the time, I HIGHLY recommend you check the store out, you will fall in love!

- And guess what, everything is surprisingly affordable!
Besides, given that prices are in US$, rates for us Europeans come in handy...if only international shipping was easier and more affordable...They do offer the option to ship outside the US, but I expect a ridiculously high charge plus potential customs are on the buyer!

That's the major drawback: MK names net-a-porter as its international online partner, but net-a-porter is very understocked and doesn't even offer nearly as much as the American webshop.

I could get incredibly furious on the general tendency to neglect the European market, if we're lucky enough, brands decide to enter years after the hype cools off in the United States (e.g. NYX, Glossy Box, and the list goes on...)

Well, all I can do is continue dreaming about these beauty's (I especially fancy the black and the orange tote), or who knows, maybe my holiday allowance will convince me to take a step closer towards making the investment...

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