Monday, November 14, 2011

Beauty Post: my new favorite mascara

So, I am not very much into beauty-blogging, I simply miss the expertise in it..
Nonetheless, I had to write a post about this new product I picked up the other day;
it's definitely going to become a staple in my stash!

I'm talking about the 'Essence - I love extreme' mascara, which is a novel product in their assortment.
There are tons of reviews out in blogger-world, so I'm sure you'll find your way,

Here are some quick specifics:
- 2,99€ for 12ml
- Seriously huge brush, reminds me of Benefit's BadGirl
- Dries quickly
- Lasts all day
- Gives great volume 
- Absolute black

Great value for small price, can I ask for more?


  1. Ich hab die auch und ich hab mich genauso verliebt wie du :D

  2. Da freu ich mich :) Vielen Dank!
    Einen schönen Abend wünsche ich dir noch.