Monday, March 1, 2010

Chanel's newest: Rouge Coco

So far, the new Rouge Coco lipstick-range is a highly anticipated collection.
Videos and swatches are popping up everywhere, therefore I had to add my two cents:

Chanel's newest lipsticks will be released throughout Europe in the course of march.
It is aimed at the contemporary women with a feel for classics and style.

We are described as a 'generation of lipgloss' referring to the fact that we seem to have forgotten the importance and appeal of lipsticks. Therefore Rouge Coco will come in a sheer and glossy finish, yet again very pigmented. The lipstick comes in 30 different, lovely shades from which you can chose from.

More pictures:

Promo video with Vanessa Paradis

Some videos of fellow bloggers about Rouge Coco:

xKarenina (German) - follow her link for complete swatch list!

beautygloss (normally dutch, swatches only!)

For my part, I will definitely look into a couple of them. Based on the pictures, my favorite is No. 5 'Mademoiselle'.
It looks like a lovely colour, classy yet very discreet, possibly useful for everyday-use.

How are you liking the new colours? Have you found your favorite yet?
Share in the comments, I'm curious! ^_^