Friday, February 26, 2010

Gossip Girl returns March 8

Yes, I have to confess, I am following that show - Gossip Girl.
It's one of these little dirty secrets that you are rather hesitant about in public i guess.
Anyways March 8 is a date to remember (or in our European time-zone case, March 9 ;))
since GG will return with its new episode 'The hurt locket'.

Here are some pictures:

I cannot wait for the show to start again, weirdly enough I am really enjoying this season.
As usual, loving the clothes and compositions, especially Blake Lively seems so blessed with the wardrobe for her role.
To me GG is also a kind of inspiration-pool for everything concerning looks and appearance, the make-up, fashion and hair all is flawlessly taken care of.

What do you think? Do you watch the show? Are you liking it? Share in the comment section! :)


  1. I looove gossip girl! I have watched all the 3 season in the internet, because for some reasons, gossip girl didn't have so many viewers in germany/switzerland! I just finished watching the 3 season! =)

    And yeah, the show is a little clothing inspiration to me!

  2. hey ela!
    yeah i feel the exact same way! i think in germany they started broadcasting it on pro7?but i have no idea what happened with it!
    its wuite popular here in the netherlands as well though! =)

  3. i am in LOVE with gossip girl. i'm seriously counting the days! the other day i was posting a status update about how it was 12 days to go til the new GG on facebook and immediately everyone liked it. :) gotta love GG!

  4. I love Gossip Girl <3
    Mainly because i always love the outfits they wear. This was a cute post, love the pictures (: