Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekend Links

I was thinking of implementing this section for quite a long time now.
During the weekends I usually have more time to read the heaps of blogs I'm subscribed to,
therefore I want to share with you the most interesting articles I found during the week!

Behind the seemslooking stunning in pastel, definitely an inspiration for light-colored leggings.

CollegeFashion shows how to be fashionable in Europe.

Lushlee shows-off some recent design of Luoise Broad.

British Blogger Bubbelgarm put together some trends for spring&summer 2010.

Madame B Fatale, beauty-blogger form Australia shows off her DIY eyeshadow palettes, definitely worth a look. I will try to recreate the same palettes with my essence-singles.

Get some further palette-inspiration on temptalia's current Eyeshadow Organization & Storage-show off.
Makes me crave for palettes!

Bagbliss on trendy animal print bags.

I could not help but to post this photo of my new muse, Rachel McAdams, genuine actress and power woman!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

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